Monday, September 24, 2012

52 Days left!

hey everyone.

This week we had elder Richards of the seventy with us. we had a
meeting with him and we sat there for four hours just listening to him
really. he talked about a lot of good things. hehe. to make the
comparison it was like trying to drink out of a fire hydrant. so much
information betweeen what he was teaching and the spirit that going
through my notes again later i was still writing down notes it was
pretty crazy. but it was god and in our stake conference he said that
the only way to get out of crisis is to pay tithing and that he was in
a meeting with Pres Uchtdorf and that he had asked them the question,
if you had enough to pay tithing or feed your family what do you do?
and he said to pay tithing to get the blessings and then go to the
bishop to get the food. it was really good.

lets see what else. we had a really powerful lesson with a family i
think i talked about them last week how we talked to them and told
them to read and pray and to do that every night and stuff. well this
week you could totally tell the difference. they are doing amazing and
even have some references for us! we have a couple of the recent
converts doing their visits and they have gotten some of the members
to get involved so we are seeing a little bit of a change.

This week ill find out who will be my last companion in the field. we
are planning this week on going to the evangalist church and the
jehovahs witness church and even the catholic church. its elder
staples death wish ahah we are pretty excited though
it should be crazy. well other than that we are just cruiseen by. just
finishing up our p day and then going out and trying to get into some
houses. you guys are awesome have a great week!

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