Monday, August 20, 2012

87 Days Left!!!!

hey everyone sorry about last week. i just got confused. so funny thing mom wrote on the blog in the first time in i dont know how long and said it must have been the temperature haha well this week or last week or whenever 55 degrees. thats pretty hot .. haha but yeah. so thats funny.

 I am getting transfered this week to jerez de la frontera. its in cadiz and they are known for how bad they speak the language haha so i probably wont be coming home speaking anything but blab haha. but no stress. lets see here. live is good apart from that. Pres. Deere and his family came to church and spoke. they gave good talks and he challenged the ward to have everyone help with the missionaries and how that is the only way to help this work move forward. well its true. i testify that its true.right after the meeting a less active kid that we helped come back to church told me that he was going to serve a mission and is starting his papers this week andddd that tomorrow(aka monday night aka tonight) we are going to be giving his girlfriend the first lesson. haha we are pretty excited.  i havent had a baptism in my whole mission unless they contacted the missionaries orrrr it was a member reference. which means. basically that i have gotten now probably thousands of futures and of them and my knowledge so far not one has been baptized. buttt that doesnt mean it wont happen it just is more effective. so think about that. who can you help come to Christ? it will help your testimony and it will help theres. and whats the worst that could happen? they are going to say no? well i have had rocks thrown at me. been shot with bb guns and been yelled names for the last 2 years. trust me .. you guys can do it. 

 apart from all that im glad to leave sevilla for the heat. they say its a little bit colder down where i am going which will be way nice. haha. not too much but enough . haha. anyways we played soccer today and lets see today we are going to write in peoples books and get all the stuff packed. i havent started and all my clothes are dirty. which means i have to wear longsleeve tonight .haha i hate when this happens but sometimes you just dont have time and if you do it over night then it sits there in the heat of everything and becomes super stinky anyways haha soooooo thats no bueno. anyways im excited for this week .we are hittin up the last area of the mission and just partying and working hard. know that i love you all and pray for you all thanks for you love too. its much needed and appreciated haha. you are all champions. remember small and simple brings big and great. :D

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