Monday, March 14, 2011

Day 104


This is the soccer ball he talks about in his post.

This is where Brad lives. It looked like that on Google Earth when I googled it.

The baptism with Elder West.

So apparently Brad's dad got his email today and I have just been slow getting it on the blog.

Here it is:

ok so i just pushed reply on this email so hopefully the pictures work.. there only a handful that i can do and it takes a while .. they are loading while im typing. yeah we were contacting at a bus station and this guy asked us if we new about japan and we were like uhh no .. and he told us what happend pretty crazy. but im glad you had some relax time in vegas.. estaremos por un castillo hoy. estoy animado. y despues yo quiero dormir un poco porque la semana pasada fue un poco dificil con todos las cosas. hospital bautismo y muchas investigadores ahora. tenemos un otro bautismo este semana y tenemos la ooportunitidad fijar dos mas fechas para bautismo este semana.. nuestro cita esta en miercoles.
entonces tenemos mucha trabajar ahora y mi espaƱol es un poco mal toda via pero es mucho mejor que un mez pasado.
uhh im trying to think i sent a couple pictures and ill try to send a couple every week so that we can have the love beeing shared. oh before i forget on the blog the picture with the pyramid where my head is down.. the elder right above me i was on splits with him this week because elder west was at the district leader meeting thing .. he told me a funny story and while we were in the pyramid he said the joke of the story and i just started laughing like crazy.. besides the point of my head being down elder west is the top right elder with the reddish pinkish tie. so now you can see what he looks like. the picture of me holding the soccer ball is signed by ronaldihno by this menos activo family. they are so amazing .. they gave me a regalo.. a malaga fc flag its hanging above my bed right now .. i love it to death. haha the family is great too. they love us.. and they cant say bradley very well here so we just say elder brad for a lot of people. umm im trying to think of anythign that i missed in telling you excited for the package tell abster that ill be fine. if there was a natural disaster .. no pasa nada. we are doing great here in malaga. im doing a lot better i feel a lot better just was a long week and lack of sleep. but ill catch up today after the castillo and before we head out of piso again. i miss you all i hope all is going well. its weird the time is flying by like crazy out here. its almost been a whole transfer for me in the real mission field haha . anyways keep in touch we are going to the castle now with our district. keep smiling keep reading scriptures keep preying together. and yeah love you!"!!!! enjoy the pictures i just picked a few :s

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