Monday, November 12, 2012

Three days!

I guess you are all aware that Brad is coming home this week. We are so thankful for the support that you have all given to us over the past two years.  He has really grown in the gospel  and we are all so excited.  Three more days.

Hey yall,

This is it. the last time you will hear anything from me until i get home (unless inah has something to say about it) haha she will probably call you and then call me and then call you again :D that was really nice of her to do and really really weird to hear moms voice but it was a great party. im going to miss everyone here, they have changed my life so much. but the time has come and i guess i could be more of a man about it haha. We found out last night that tomorrow we go in to Malaga.we leave here at like 315 in the afternoon and then get there at around 9 or so. then all day wednesday in the mission home intervviews with president and the likes. and then try and sleep if thats going to even be possible to get up early thursday morning and start traveling. its going to be a nightmare i can almost see it now getting off the plane and just going to sleep and not waking up for a week hahahahaha. that would be the life but i doubt itwould happen im to used to the schedule of the mission and working and walking and stuff so that i wont be able to sleep. too much ill do my best hopefully ... alright as you can tell im kind of just really rambling i dont have too much to say this week. ill see you all on thursday haha. thats weird. alright well love you! dont get too crazy!

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